FASHION SHOW : Vala Moj Designs by Mojan Hos (Designer)

01Valamoj is a unique couture line started by designer Mojan Hos in 2006. Mojan creates custom made, one-of-a-kind gowns for celebrities, brides, and women who expect stylish and high quality outfits. Each unique piece is handmade and stitched to perfection. Every individual piece is flawlessly constructed of beads, lace, and beautiful fabric, which come together to form a high end result. Valamoj carries styles and designs inspired by current trends from around the world. Due to the popularity and high demand for our designs, Valamoj is now starting a new “ready-to-wear” clothing line. Mojan is used to creating custom clothing stitched to match the unique body of each of her clients, but now the boutique will also carry fashionable outfits of standard size to provide fast and affordable couture styles. Valamoj designs dresses at both the high and low ends of budgetary constraints.  Our goal is to provide affordable beauty and elegance for women of all shapes and sizes, without compromising the quality of the clothing!  We are proud to state that all final designs and tailoring are done in the U.S.

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Look at her amazing creations in this VIDEO clip:

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